Articles and Notes

on April 23, 2024
What is credit history and how it works Canada
The article describes how credit history works and how the credit rating is operating
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on August 14, 2023
Types of mortgage in Canada
There are different types of mortgages are in Canada like closed and opened, fixed and variable
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on July 03, 2023
Funeral Arrangements in Canada
There are a number of traditions and protocols associated with the funeral process that reflect the diversity and differences of cultures and religions in Canada.
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on August 30, 2021
What is disability insurance
There are 4 types of disability insurance described in this article
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on August 27, 2019
How to lend money with smallest risk possible
In this article we will discuss types of borrowings, how banks lend money and how to avoid common mistakes in order to get your money back
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on October 26, 2018
What are the cases insurance company does not pay
In most cases insurance companies pay claims without any questions but at some situations they refuse, in this articles i decided to explain the reasons why they do not
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on September 03, 2018
What is participating whole life insurance and what are the pros and cons?
Many people think than in order to benefit from permanent life insurance you have to pass away but there is a way when you personally can benefit from it and even profit
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