Business Planning

If you are planning to open your own business, then before registering it, please contact us.

Business planning
We will be able to give some advice on how to choose the right business structure, how to appoint shareholders correctly, advise whether you should pay a salary or dividends. Also, if you already have your own business, we can advise you on various ways to reduce taxation.

Having your own business (or before opening it), you need to ask yourself a few questions:
- Do I have the right business structure?
- How can I reduce my personal income tax and increase various subsidies?
- How can I increase the number of business write-offs?
- How competently money is invested inside the business from the point of view of taxes?
- How can you financially protect yourself and your family in case of adverse circumstances (bankruptcy, disability, death, etc.)?
- Is it possible to sell my business in the future?

If you have your own business or you plan to open it, then there are a huge number of opportunities to reduce taxes and increase income. We help people both in the competent opening of their business in Canada, and give advice on its management.

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