Insurance Planning

What is insurance?

Insurance planning
In scientific terms, this is a redistribution of risks, and in simple termswhen you feel good, you pay them, and when you feel bad, they pay you. Today, insurance can be bought for any case; from insurance for a coffee grinder, to insurance for a silicone part of the body.
We are engaged in people's insurance, and it is our duty to help you determine the type of insurance, calculate the amount of coverage, find the right insurance company based on your needs and budget, help with the identification of heirs and, unfortunately, help in receiving payments when an insured event occurs.

People's insurance includes services such as life insurance (divided into temporary and permanent), disability insurance or insurance covering certain types of diseases, medical insurance (also it may or may not include dental services), travel insurance for visitors to Canada, or Canadians traveling abroad, as well as insurance that employers provide to their employees.

We are brokers in the insurance industry in Canada with many years of experience and thousands of happy clients. It's hard to even imagine a case for which we won't be able to find a solution. The only question is the price of it.

When you purchase insurance, you need to decide on a few basic questions:
- What types of insurance are available and which ones you and your family members need (including children) based on your health and budget?
- How much money will my family need (or what monthly income will be needed) when an insured event occurs?
- Who will be the beneficiary in life insurance and how will the funds be distributed if the beneficiary is a minor child?
- Would the funds received under the insurance contract be taxed, and if so, how can it be avoided or reduced?
- How can you get the maximum benefit from insurance without dying or getting sick at the same time?
- If you have insurance at work or if the insurance is tied to your mortgage, would this be the best or only insurance option?

We would be happy to help you if:
- you have any questions related to insurance;
- you already have existing policies and you are not sure if their coverage is sufficient for your situation;
- you are not sure that you have chosen the right beneficiary.

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