Investment planning, including childrens education

What is investment planning?

Investment planning
There are many terms describing investments. In this financial mix, it is very difficult to understand which investment is better, what needs to be done and what is not, whether to choose a registered or non-registered investment program, how to pay less taxes and what is generally meant by the word 'investment'?
Our approach to investments is relatively simple - they should be boring, relatively reliable, long-term, diversified, with the most predictable result and with the least taxes. The listed parameters will have a different meaning for each person, but we are trying to find a suitable option for each client. So far as we do not sell investments, our approach is independent and devoid of conflicts of interest, which is an important factor in the investment plan.

When you invest money, you should decide on the following questions:
- What do I want to get in the end and why I invest money?
- How risky is my portfolio according to my understanding of risk?
- Is my portfolio optimal from the point of view of tax planning?
- To what extent is my investment portfolio diversified and balanced, so that if the price falls or the income from some investments decreases, other investments compensate for the loss?
- How low is the fee for an investment account relative to other similar accounts?
- Will my portfolio provide the level of income that I need to achieve my goals?

We offer private financial advice on investment planning, taking into account your situation, and offer solutions that you will not be able to get by coming to the bank.

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