Life Insurance Calculator

On this site, you can calculate the cost of life insurance for a standard person. The companies used in the calculator are RBC, BMO, Cumis, Foresters, Empire Life, Serenia, Assumption, IA and Equitable.

Of course, these companies differ in the cost of insurance and their options, such as converting life insurance to permanent or longer term insurance or medical questions in the application process.

Not every applicant will receive insurance on a standard cost basis due to his/her health condition. That is why we recommend contacting us for a more detailed analysis and search for the right product to meet your needs including to find a solution from an insurance company not from the list above.
This calculator does not calculate cost of insurance for unique medical situations.
Since we did not create the calculator ourselves, we ask you to forgive us for minor design changes.

To apply for life insurance or to contact us regarding it, please fill this questionnaire, and we will call you.

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