What services does Artem Financial Ltd offer?

Artem Financial Services

Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be achieved through a variety of strategies, investment and insurance products, your will, as well as joint meetings with your Estate lawyer.

Educational Seminars and Personal Consultations

Also including comprehensive advice on the whole spectrum of banking and credit cards products, investments, retirement, taxes, insurance, estate, etc.

Debt Minimization

Minimization can be achieved through finding cheaper alternative solutions and may include joint meetings with your current banker/financial service provider.

Retirement Planning

This planning can be achieved through investment and insurance options which are carefully customized to meet your financial situation and preferences, including RRSP, LIRA, RESP, TFSA and more.

Investment planning, including children's education

Children Education Planning can be achieved through RESP and other options which are chosen based on your needs and budget.

Asset Protection and Insurance Planning

This can be achieved through a variety of insurance products and financial strategies.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning can be achieved through a number of tax strategies and joint meetings with your accountant.

Business Planning

Whether you have a business or planning to open one we will be able to advise about the best structure

What products / programs / investments can Artem Financial Ltd offer? We work with different insurance and investment companies and happy to offer:
Artem Financial Services

Insurance products

Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Travel and Visitors to Canada Insurance.

Travel and Visitors to Canada Insurance including insurance for Supervisa

If you are planning to visit Canada you can buy insurance online from our site or you are welcome to contact us. Also you can contact Artem in order to buy travel insurance if you travel within Canada or abroad.

Fee for service consultations

We do not sell investment products but provide consultations related to GICs, Market linked GICs, Segregated Funds, Annuities, Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits, Mutual Funds, ETFs and more.

How much do Artem's services cost?
Artem Financial Services

Fee-only service

You pay for the time spent by Artem Bytchkov on providing you with professional advice.


Compensation from insurance companies

Artem Financial Ltd will be compensated by insurance company if you buy an insurance

Artem Bytchkov Book: Inside Banking

Book: Inside Banking

A Financial Guide for Canadians

Facts and tips about the Canadian banking and financial system for residents and new immigrants. It includes examples, facts, tips and explanation how to use banking and investment products.

Author: Artem Bytchkov

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Not Sure If Artem Can Help You?

Artem works with a group of professionals, which adds up to hundreds of years of combined financial experience. His team includes lawyers, accountants, as well as other financial, banking and insurance professionals. It is difficult to imagine a situation which cannot have a solution or cannot be resolved. All meetings are strictly confidential, and meeting times are flexible, including evenings and weekends.