Tax Planning

The biggest expense item in our life is taxes.

Tax planning
In Canada, most income is taxable, but depending on the type of income, taxes are different. In addition to reducing taxes, there are many different ways how taxation can be postponed for many years ahead.
It is important to understand that it is not only the reduction of taxes that is important in itself. If taxable income is reduced (by legal means), we can increase the number of various subsidies. The smaller the taxable income, the more subsidies it is possible to receive.

We are not accountants and do not fill out tax returns. Our task is to plan your future with the least amount of taxes and thereby increase your well-being. We work in a team with different accountants and will be able to choose and plan the most optimal tax option.

While planning your future, it's important to understand:
- How well is my investment portfolio compiled from the point of view of taxes?
- How can I reduce my income tax and increase various subsidies?
- How can tax liabilities be deferred?
- What will be the tax in case of my death?
- What will be the tax in case of moving to another country or when selling investments, and can it be reduced in advance?

Taxes are a very important and difficult topic for most people. We will help you to understand them and choose the most optimal way based on your general situation.

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